Our story: From that icky itchy feeling to a new sense of beard-wellness for everybody!

Beardpride-founder Marko Schulze about the beginnings of his family business:

»In the beginning, I just wanted to find the right product for myself. I am allergic to most perfumes and I was getting increasingly annoyed with the greasy residues of the oils I tried. My ‘face tresses’ really needed to be tamed, but for this, I first had to be able to comb them! While I wanted my facial hair to receive nourishment, I really didn’t want my beard to retain any greasiness. And most importantly: I wanted to get rid of that icky itchy feeling!«

every oil
is crafted
by hand

we only use
oils of
highest quality

we are in
close contact
to each of
our partners

we are a
family business
— and that is
how we treat
our clients

we care for
our environment
— we only use
bio-certified oils

Thanks to some prior knowledge about oils and fats, I started experimenting and managed to find the ideal mixture for myself. I only used cold-pressed oils of the highest quality, aiming for the best care for my hair and skin. The idea was: If I only need 4 to 5 drops per day, why should I use cheap processed oils? Why use soy or sunflower oil or cheap filling materials? Instead, I used only certified organic cold-pressed oils: jojoba, argan, almond and broccoli seed oil. I mix every bottle by hand to ensure that the essential oils can dissolve slowly in the basic oil mix. Eventually, I realized that I had created my own product, but most importantly: I was really happy with the way my beard felt! Soon, my barber wanted to try my creation as well…

The rest, as they say, is history: The beard oil’s quality didn’t only convince my barber, but also many of his customers. Everybody who tries Beardpride for the first time feels how quickly it is absorbed by the hair and the skin, how the beard is becoming easier to comb. Word got around, and all of a sudden, I had requests coming in every day.

To meet this growing demand, my one-man operation almost automatically evolved into a small family business. Today, we are proud partners of our barbers, who purchase our products exclusively. Each product is handmade in our small manufactory, everybody in the family contributes: I take care of production, experimenting and testing, as well as keeping in touch with our customers; my wife Miriam manages the orders; my son handles distribution, and my daughter is in charge of labelling. Since we are all totally committed to what we are doing here, working together is actually a lot of fun.

See for yourself! Try Beardpride and get that good beard-wellness feeling — only at your local barber shop!